Auction is held with usual rules, but with a database web based.
So all you have to do is to connect to the site that publish reports for your auction and fill in your new bid, automatically it will be posted to the mailing list.

Auction session
Auction session is daily, from 00:00:01 till 24:00:00 (italian time, +1 GMT) of each day; during the week-end, auction session starts at 00:00:01 of Saturday and ends at 24:00:00 of Monday.
Each day you must connect to the site in order to make your offers.

It's an updated summary of the auction, which take in consideration also every new bids made during the current session.

New Bid
To make your new bid, all you have to do it's simply to login to following link "login per le offerte" using your team code and your password.
Soon after you were logged in, you can see the actual situation as for the report, but with only those elements you are still racing for.
You can use the proper column "Tuo Ril", where you can make your offer/new bid. You can do only 3 things:

in order to make a new offer/bid:
simply put the number of credit youi offer/bid
pass: you should put the letter "p"
stand by: you should put the letter "s"

You have 20 minutes, starting from the moment you logged in, to make your offer before someone else can change it.
If the 20 minutes run out, or you want to down the clock, you should simply refresh the page. In this way you can check the new situation updated, with all the new offer arrived meanwhile.
In the right column, in addition to your team's summary, you can see a timer saying how much time you have to make your offer.

Sending the new offer
Check carefully your offers before sending them.
If any error occurs, the program will tell you, all you have to do is going back (with the back button of the browser) and retype the offer.
If your offer are OK, they'll be recorded and sent immediately to the mailing list.
As soon as the offer are recorded you can't modify them.

Team with same offer
If two or more teams make the same offer for a particular element , the one that came first is well served.

Session deadline
Each session last till the midnight.
The database will generate a mail with a summary of the previous session, as soon as a player visit the site after the deadline.
So... if you don't get the summary mail, it means that nobody visit the site after the end of the session.

For everything that is linked to time, we use the clock of the server that host the site.

Best viewed
14" monitor 800x600, IE